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{Oc Profile: Mori-Spirit} by Mori-Spirit {Oc Profile: Mori-Spirit} by Mori-Spirit
((I would like feed back on her story and development! I tried to get creative, while still being original and not being to OP or Mary sue!))

Name: Mori-Spirit

Nicknames: Mori, Forest Spirit, and Wisp wanderer

Gender: Mare

Age: Close to 16 years

Species: Magic Deer and Pegasus mix

Height: About the average pony height, not counting her horns

Weight: Just under the average weight for a full grown mare.

Hometown: N/A
Current Residence: N/A

N/A really

Mane Color/Style/Length:
She has a light to dark green mane that is always held to the side in a braid, filled with flowers. Her mane reaches to her knee when braided, and drags across the floor when let down ((Which is usually never)) 

Coat Description:
Resembles that of a light to dark fawn

Eye Shape/Color:
Her eyes are a purple color

A necklace that holds a oval shaped emerald that is lined with daisy petals

As far as Mori is concerned she sides with herself, and trusts no pony else.

Cutie Mark: 
Her cutiemark is 3 wisp like balls of purple light, but no pony really knows for sure since her moss covers it

Special Talent:
Making sure her home forest is safe by luring dangerous ponies and creatures away with her light, but it doesn't always work.

Does she have parents? Yes.
Does she know them? No.
Does she have siblings? As far as she knows, No.

The entire forest is her friend, but she doesn't have much in the way of pony friends

Mori is a very sweet and kind pony when it comes to the things she loves. She is also very quite and timid to new things and especially new ponies. She can come off as rude or uncivilized due to her living most of her life alone and was never truly taught how to socialize with other ponies.

Mori is very UN-trusting and is very skeptical of every pony she meets, she tends to judge to quickly and not stay around to get to know a pony before running off to be by herself

[Character History]
Mori-spirit is a very special pony. Some would say she was her own breed, other would say she was a freak of nature. Her father was that of a strange stallion. He resembled more of a deer then he did of a pony, and her mother, well she always had an interest in spirits and in the forest that she lived by. How the two meet, no  pony could tell you, in fact, no one pony actually knew they had meet in the first place. To say the least, Mori's parents were just as strange as she looks. However, when her parents meet, they were drawn to each other, because they accepted the fact that they both didn't act like the others they grew up around, and soon conceived a single child. Mori spirit. Her mother died giving birth to her, and her father soon left after the young foal began to walk and talk. This lead Mori to become timid and shy. To become afraid of the ponies she meet, not only afraid if they would abandon her, but even mock her because of how she looked. 
Mori was strange from the beginning. She was born with what would have been normal sized wings, if only they had grown properly like her mothers had. She's stuck with half developed wings, and a strange cloud that would float over her head once her horns started to sprout. Naturally, she was first afraid of the cloud, of her horns, and why this thing suddenly appeared over her head. With no one to help her, she finally got use to it's presents and would learn to control it as she grew older. She became more like a wild animal, than a domestic pony. She would talk to the wild animals she meet in the forests and she even allows the moss on her flank to continue to grow and bloom on her. If anything, she loved the forest and the forest loved her back.
Mori found out more about her strange cloud when she began to see random purple flame like balls of light appear out of no where. Days past and she would see them for split seconds before they disappeared, but it never came to her that it was she who was making them appear. How she figured it out it was her? Well, she looked up one evening after seeing one, and noticed her deer horns seemed to glow that same purple color, but it was faint at best. So she would set out to a meadow and concentrate on imaging those purple lights she had seen, and sure enough after a few days of failed attempts, she did it. She had limited magic held with in her horns, yet she had no idea how or why she had this strange magic. She really couldn't explain anything about herself since she never knew her parents, and was never really raised around other ponies. At best, all she could say was that she had parents, because she remember her fathers solid face, and the sound of his foot steps as he left her as a small foal.
Even so, weeks and weeks past as Mori continued to perfect her newly discovered magic. She had no idea what she would be able to use it for, but she enjoyed making one appear and watch the animals rush to it. Then one night, a large angered  timber wolf was crashing through the trees, braking down homes of critters and creatures, destroying trees small enough for it to take down. It was even heading in the direction of her home. Frightened and afraid she panicked and shut her eyes hard. Subconsciously she used her magic to conjure up a line of light, big enough and bright enough to attract the raging wolf to it. When she opened her eyes, she realized she had lead it straight off a cliff, saving the lives of countless homes that belonged to the would land creatures. That night she saw a soft glow under her moss and it relieved her cutiemark, not know what it was, she shrugged it off and let moss grow over it. She no longer questioned what she was to do after that. It was clear to her, that she was to help and protect the forest from any unnecessary danger that might come it's way.
To this day she lives in that very forest, occasionally adventuring out to see the outside world. She ended up learning that the mark she received when she was younger was her cutiemark, which told other what her talent was. She learned about her parents, or as much as she could. Their wasn't much information on them, since her mothers family had past and no one really knew of her fathers family. So she stuck with the forest and decided that adventuring to small towns would be the best she'd do. The forest was her home, she was the forest's protector.

[Current Home]
In a forest that connects with the evergreen forest, but she can be found in very small towns just outside the forests as well.

[Powers List]

•Ability to fly
•Ability to walk on clouds
•Ability to control the cloud above her head
•Ability to conjure up "wisps" or "Floating light"

All of her art can be found here: ((It will be updated regularly))

Art and Design by: FredsonV 
Character development by: Mori-Spirit
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I like deers :v
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This is literally my favorite OC you have.

The design is spectacular, and I love it.
Mori-Spirit Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Student Artist
Thanks! ^^ Fredson did a great job on it! :D She really brought out the "April showers bring May flowers" theme I gave her! ^^ Lol 
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